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About Us

More than 54 years of service...

Kopp Electric, LLC. does new construction, remodeling and some commercial projects as well.  In the future, we will continue to offer these services to our new customers as well as our current customers with the same personal service and integrity.

Our Story


The business began in 1961 when Harvey S. Kopp made the decision to fulfill a lifetime goal of his; he founded the company Harvey S. Kopp Electrical Wiring and Supplies.  Later in 1971 the business grew when his son, Ed, joined him and eventually new employees were hired.  In the 1990's, Ed bought the company and it became known as Kopp Electric and continued to grow.


In 2015, Harvey's grandson, Aaron Kopp, purchased the business from his father, and it is currently operating under the name Kopp Electric, LLC.  Harvey was proud of Aaron being the third generation owner of this family business he created.

Throughout the years, regardless of the name, Kopp Electric, LLC. has become a thriving, productive business in the Manheim area.  Words like hard-working, respectable, dependable, trustworthy, efficient all describe our company and its employees.  

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