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Repair & Maintenance


Kopp Electric is a family-owned and operated company you can count on for reliable service.

•  Repair to Existing Wiring & Replacement Wiring

•  Outlets & Switches 

•  Light Fixtures 

•  Ceiling & Attic Fans

•  Fire Alarm Replacement

•  Breaker Panel Repair

Is Your Home Showing Signs it Needs a New Electric Panel?

Old electric panels can cause more problems than you may realize.  If your living in an older home and you are questioning whether or not your electric panel

is costing you more or even safe than it may be time to look at the signs and seriously consider replacing the panel.  Here are some potential issues...

•  Appliances may be running at less than full power.

•  Do you tend to have to unplug an appliance to use another?

•  Do you have rust or corrosion on the breakers or panel?

•  Are you having to use extension cords because of lack of outlets?

•  Do your lights flicker often or time to time?

•  Do you have any melted wires?

•  Does your home run on a 60 amp electrical service?

There are many other signs of possible issues or unsafe conditions...

Today’s appliances and multiple devices or gadgets easily overload electrical systems in many older homes, causing issues that could easily be prevented with

a new electrical panel.

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